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Attention 821st TDBN Members

Updated: 6/14/05

I have been contacted by Family Members of the following 821st Personnel:
  • Alfred McElhannon
  • John Nilon
  • Pat Raftery
  • Anthony DiGorgio
  • Derald Miesbach
  • Walter Acord
  • Ahrend Limbach
  • Kenneth Hodson
  • Robert Baker
  • Oscar Horn
  • Joe Crispy
  • Morris Sulham
  • Dale C. Phipps
If you have any information or stories you would like to pass on about these brave men please send them to:

I would be happy to get them to the family members.
This Site is Dedicated to the Brave Men who Served in the 821st TDBN

My Father, Ciro Gippetti was a member of the 821st Tank Destroyer Battalion.
He spent his war years with B Company. This site is dedicated to him and all the brave men of the 821st TDBN. I have had the privilege of meeting many of the members and their wives and you could not find a greater group of people anywhere on earth.

For more information please email the 821st TDBN

Website Update 2015

This website was hacked last year around August. We have been rebuilding the site as time allows, so please be patient with us. This would be a good time to thank all of the members of the 821st for all of the sacrifices they made for this great country. We appreciate all you have done from the bottom of our hearts. This goes for all members of the Armed Services, past, present, and future. You are what makes this country great. Only a soldier would give hs life to protect our freedom.

Unit History Online

We have posted the official 821st Unit History documents from the National Archives. We obtained the 21 page document via email from visitors of this site. You can view the Unit History by clicking the Unit History link in the menu to the left on any page.

We are always looking for documents and photos related to the 821st! If you have stories, documents or photos please email them to the 821st TDBN.

Photo Album Online

The 821st  Photo Album is now online. You can view the Photo Album by clicking the Photo Album link in the menu to the left on any page.

We are always looking for photos related to the 821st! If you have any photos please email them to the 821st TDBN. We would also appreciate your feedback on the new Photo Album.

Guestbook Online

The 821st  Guestbook is a way to communicate with other 821st Members or families.

My Apologies to Everyone Who Took the Time to Write

My sincere apology to anyone who took the time and effort  to contact me. I have not been very responsive the last couple of years, but I have all your Emails, and I will try harder to keep up. Also, any 821st members that would like to say Hello, we would be very grateful to hear from you.

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The 821st Poem

Fight on you brave T.D.'s

On lands across the seven seas

They'll sing songs of your heroic deeds

They'll play your praises on pipes and reeds

For every battle you have won

They'll say it was a job well done

And when the fighting is all over

We'll all go home to the land of clover

Knowing deep within our heart

That we really did do our part

A Very Special Thanks to Robert F. Walsh - 821st TDBN 

M10 Tank Destroyer Video

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